Sunday, October 11, 2015

Europe 2015 - getting there!

Looking at these photos has made me tired!  

We are so thankful for the opportunities to travel but it is not for the faint of heart!  

at the Colorado Springs Airport (one of our favorites!) ready to go with her new backpack!

(oh and that hairbow . . . lost before we ever made it to Barcelona!  Oh well, thankful for $2.99 bows at Hobby Lobby!)

at DFW riding the Skylink - always an extremely popular activity!

in jammies after having flown all night "across the pond" trying out her brother's old trick of riding the suitcase on what she calls the "walking machine" (aka moving sidewalk)

At Aunt Helen, Uncle John and Leo's house having enjoyed a delicious dinner with them and a wonderful visit!  

Aunt Helen walked us to the bus stop (she would have given us a ride but we traveled without carseats this time!) so we could make our way to our hotel for a much needed night's sleep before waking early to fly to Barcelona the next morning!  

We were super thankful that the hotel had a nice breakfast set up and they opened a little early for us so that we could get a good breakfast before our early morning flight!  It was really good because we didn't end up eating again until around 4 p.m. in Barcelona! 

Yay British Airways!  They gave each kid an age appropriate backpack with either a color changing pen or crayons and activity books.  Stickers were also great flight entertainment as were window gel clings from Dollar Tree played with on tray tables.  

Cleaning baby's face

cutie little feet

Mama began journaling

luggage conveyor belts are definitely a BIG deal and these two whispering in each other's ears sums up their sweet little relationship right now

waiting for the train that would take us into the city

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Barcelona color

We just returned from another family trip to Europe.  We are very thankful to have these opportunities with Adrian's work.  Our first stop this year was Barcelona where we spent 9 days.  Enjoy these photos of colorful Barcelona!  

I had to laugh at myself.  From across the way I saw "pies" and the sign looked rather old-fashioned bringing to mind old fashioned handmade pies and my mouth began to water.  Upon closer inspection I realized it was an advertisement for a pharmacy and treatments for foot ailments!  Joke's on me!

Parc Guell

Mercato La Boqueria - dragon fruit


late summer tomatoes


God's wondrous creations from the sea

Have you ever been to Barcelona?  What were your impressions?  Favorite memories?  


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ten on Ten - September 2015



FIRST one in the carpool line - no one in front of us - AMAZING!


thanking - my cart was still there after I left the store to have a wonderful conversation with a friend and walk around the park nearby

more walking

one of my happy places - our library

I have wanted to try this place out for FOREVER!  Ever since I first saw it I thought it would be like the Grill in the Mitford books.  It did not disappoint.  




back together again and so happy to be!